Since the tragic death of her mother, the Navy is all that Lieutenant Catherine Rollins has known.  But when her estranged father, John Rollins, is killed, victim to the very men that Cath’s unit is pursuing, she finds herself returning home to the life and land that she left behind: O’ahu. 

Between the chaos of re-adjusting to island life, and reuniting with her baby sister, Mary, Cath is determined to track down John’s killer.  Backed by the Governor of Hawaii, all leads run dry until Kono Kalakaua arrives on the scene.  An old friend - and football rival - from high school, Kono became a star cop, before being banished from HPD’s ranks for a crime that she didn’t commit.

Kono still sees, hears, and knows, all, and she’s got information that Cath needs - a New Jersey transplant, Detective Jenna Kaye, has taken over John’s case within HPD, and she’s uncovered something important.  Clinging to her suits and crisp shirts, Jenna is all wrong for Hawaii, but she gets results and that’s just what Cath needs.

With Kono’s help, Jenna’s leads, and full immunity and means, the surprising team of three quickly finds itself in need of a fresh-face to go undercover.  Enter: Officer Lori Weston, an almost-graduate of the Police Academy and Kono’s loyal friend.  Eager to help, Lori signs on for the case - three becomes four, and the Five-0 Team is born.